An Important Checklist To Use When Purchasing A Spiral Freezer System

15 February 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

There are actually a lot of food establishments that use spiral freezer systems to preserve their frozen goods. If you're going to as well, then make sure you use this checklist to end up with an effective freezing system that you can really depend on.

Duration of Production Shifts 

There will be a period of time that you send frozen food products through a spiral freezer system. It's important to know what this duration is because then it will be easier to get a spiral freezer system that's capable of supporting these operations without breaking down and requiring constant repairs.

How long will you have to send frozen foods through this freezer system before they're shipped out? You'll have to carefully analyze the frozen food you're making and partnerships with clients that order them. Then you'll have no trouble getting a spiral freezer system that remains dependable.

Physical Weight of Products

Another thing that's going to determine how well this spiral freezer system is able to run long-term is the weight of your frozen products. Being accurate with this estimate will ensure the freezer system is built with the right parts and systems that can support this weight constantly. 

All you have to do is take your time studying the physical properties of your frozen products, getting an average weight range that you can then use to refine how a spiral freezer system is customized by your manufacturer. If your frozen products will change, try to forecast how this will affect weight capabilities. Then you won't have to make a bunch of adjustments.

Exit Temperature

To keep frozen food products properly preserved before they're shipped out in temperature-controlled trucks, you need to make sure the spiral freezer system that your company invests in can maintain the proper temperatures. One of the more relevant specs in this regard is the exit temperature.

What temperature do your frozen products need to be at when they leave this system prior to packaging and delivery? If you're not sure, talk to companies experienced in frozen food handling and storage. They can give you better insights on what the target exit temperature range needs to be based on what you're selling to customers.

When you get ready to purchase a spiral freezer system for frozen food production, you have the opportunity to customize this system in many ways. Make the proper assessments and whatever you do will end up working out great.