When It's A Good Idea To Order Custom Woven Wire Mesh For Sifters

30 November 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

An integral component of a sifter is the wire mesh. It allows you to sift through materials to find other things, whether it's gold or silver. You can have wire mesh customized by manufacturers, which you might consider under a couple of conditions.

Special Grid Patterns

Wire mesh materials for sifters can have different grid patterns. They're important to analyze so that you end up getting the right performance out of a sifter. If you need a pretty special type of grid pattern, then it's probably best to have your wire mesh materials customized.

Then you'll have a say in how this grid pattern is put together. You might need the openings to be a certain size, for example. Custom wire mesh manufacturers will take down your pattern requests and produce wire mesh materials that give you the right sifting attributes. 

Strong Weld Points

If you plan on supporting large or heavy materials when sifting, then you need a sifter with wire mesh materials that can hold up. You'll feel at ease about this aspect of wire mesh when you let a custom manufacturer put these materials together.

They can put special emphasis on using long-lasting welds around each point where the wire mesh connects. Experienced welders will use best practices and test the welding quality after they get finished too, verifying you end up with heavy-duty wire mesh that can support all sorts of items being sifted. 

Large Production Runs

If you have a largescale project taking place that involves a bunch of sifters, then you should work with a manufacturer that offers custom woven wire mesh materials. They have a lot of experience supporting different quantity requests for wire mesh, so they should be able to come through on your quantity requests just fine. 

They'll find out what varieties and spec details you're looking for, and then begin putting the wire mesh materials together using efficient practices that can give you a lot of wire mesh in a short period of time. Even tight production deadlines can be supported because of the experience and resources custom wire mesh manufacturers have. 

If you're planning to sift through materials to find other things, you'll need high-quality wire mesh. Getting it isn't that difficult if you consider hiring a manufacturer that supports custom orders. You can then work out key aspects of this wire mesh, ultimately improving how it works for your sifting equipment and operations.