Save Money During the Pandemic With a Hydraulic Rebuild Instead of a Replacement

17 May 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

The coronavirus pandemic has put a dent into a lot of different industries, and perhaps your own production is still lower than what it was before this whole thing started. If you are finding yourself pinching pennies in order to keep your balance sheet out of the red, you likely are not excited about the idea of buying a brand new hydraulic cylinder right now. But what if you could get a cylinder that is very much like new while not having to pay full cost? A hydraulic cylinder rebuild might be just what your company needs to refresh or restore its equipment while still being mindful of your bottom line as the pandemic continues.

A Hydraulic Rebuild Will Still Give You a Cylinder That's as Good as New

First, let's talk about what exactly a hydraulic rebuild does for you. Whereas just buying a brand new cylinder will give you 100 percent brand new parts across the board, a rebuild is more nuanced. A team of professionals will break down your entire cylinder part by part. Parts that beyond repair will be tossed out and replaced with new ones. Other parts may be reconditioned. Some parts might be just fine and be able to be re-used in the new build. By only replacing certain parts or reconditioning others, you can significantly reduce the cost of restoring your cylinder to like-new condition.

Don't Throw Away What Doesn't Need Replaced and Create Less Waste

Re-using certain parts of your old cylinder will keep costs down as was just explained. But not having to throw out your entire old cylinder will also reduce your company's environmental footprint because you'll be introducing less waste into the system. You'll be able to extend the lifespan of your current equipment, improving your company's overall sustainability. Any parts that are removed and not reconditioned during your rebuild may be able to be recycled as well.

Reconditioning Will Leave You Unable to Tell the Difference

While some parts may indeed be throw out during your rebuild, the bulk of the parts will be professionally reconditioned before the cylinder is put back together. The end result is that your reconditioned parts will look very close to what they would have looked like if you had just bought a brand new cylinder instead. You can essentially get a "new" cylinder without paying new prices, and you may wonder why you didn't consider rebuilding as an option years before.