Three Things Laser Cutting Can Do For Processing And Manufacturing That Other Cutting Methods Cannot

25 July 2016
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Laser cutting is the most advanced method of cutting just about any object. From steel sheets to diamonds, human flesh to eye surgery, lasers can do it all. So why else would you want to make modifications and upgrades to the cutting machines in your processing and manufacturing plant? Because there are three things that laser cutting can do for your plant that other cutting methods cannot.

Cut Perfect Circles and Spirals

Laser cutting machines can be programmed to cut perfect circles and spirals out of any sheet metal you place in the machine. With other factory cutting machines, circles are rarely perfect and require a lot more turning and cutting of the sheet metal just to get a circle cut from a square or rectangular piece of metal. Spirals (constant, inward and/or graduated cutting to create a coil from a circle) is nearly impossible on the straight and angular cutting machines you already have. The laser cutter can do these shapes with little to no trouble at all, and your employees do not have to manually turn the sheet metal either.

Use the Laser as a Punch

Metal punches create holes for bolts and other fasteners to pass through, or for decorative features. You can use the laser cutter as a metal punch simply by programming the machine to use a more forceful, concentrated and wider beam of energy to create these holes. This feature pretty much eliminates the need for some of your other metal punch machines, which means that you could remove and dispose of them or sell them. 

Trim Millimeters off of Your Materials

Anything that is cut elsewhere in your plant may need a little more precise trimming afterwards. If that is the case, the laser cutter can remove material that is so narrow, thin or small that it refines the cut product to perfection. Millimeters to micrometers can be trimmed off of tiny diamonds, and if the laser can do that for diamonds, imagine what it caan do for the products and materials your factory produces and cuts every day.

Installing These Machines in Your Plant/Factory

Since up to five laser cutting machines (depending on make, model, style and purpose) can be installed and operate on the same grid and software program, you might want to consider their benefits for other areas of your plant/factory. Many of them are rather compact, even when they come equipped with a cutting table to support large sheets of material or boards. Usually the company from which you purchase your laser cutters will come and install them for you, but you may need another contractor to remove the outdated machines the laser cutters are replacing. Contact a business, such as J&E Metal Fabricators Inc, for more information.