Four Commercial Tools You Need For Your Home Improvement Business

10 February 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

No matter the economic times, there is almost always work in the home improvement sector. Home improvement companies are hired by homeowners, house flippers, and banks in order to get homes in order and livable again. While getting your home improvement business off the ground, you will need to have some personal tools and some tools that operate in a commercial capacity. Here are some of the commercial tools that you should purchase for your home improvement company.

Commercial air compressor

If you have to manage the industrial equipment that you invest in carefully, a commercial air compressor is the product that you want to purchase first. Air compressors help to run a number of tools, from nail guns to wrenches or drills. By investing in an air compressor, you will be able to operate a number of industrial tools without dealing with an expensive air compressor rental every time you book a new job. Be sure to train your team to utilize the machine on a new tool each time you purchase a tool that can be operated with the air compressor.

Industrial saw and table

While fixing up homes, there is a high likelihood that you will have to order products such as new doors, windows, and roof materials. There is an even higher likelihood that you will have to properly fit these items yourself. You will have to do a lot of precise cutting, for which an industrial saw table is made. Purchase a saw and table that you can transport on the back of a truck, but will offer you perfect control and exact measurements. The ability to cut and fit a number of products directly at the site will speed up your ability to complete contracts and possibly grow your business abilities.

Professional paint system

Painting the interior walls of a home is much easier than getting a clean, even coat on ceilings, exterior walls, and house trim. Skip the brushes and rollers and get a professional painting system for your crew to use. When you purchase industrial paint materials, be sure to also purchase the coveralls for your crew to wear. Disposable wear will need to be brought to every job and worn prior to painting and taken off immediate after. Covering clothing plus wearing a mask is necessary for health, safety, and to easily keep clean. Keeping clean will avoid costly mistakes and do-over costs for you and your clients.

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