Beginner DJ Tips: Guide To Choose Between Digital Or Vinyl Djing

12 October 2015
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Some may say that music is the heart of a party, making the DJ an integral part of the celebration. But there are a lot of different options available regarding how you will present music to your clients. One of the most important choices you will have to make as a DJ is using vinyl or going completely digital. The following guide will help you make that choice. 

The Digital Route

Choosing to go completely digital has a few advantages that should appeal to an up and coming DJ, as it allows you to keep up with the latest equipment. This is important for a DJ who is attempting to join a club or any other establishment that may have equipment that you need to connect to your personal mixing compartments.

The following are just a few more things you should consider:

  1. Going digital also means that you will be able to carry your entire music selection with you no matter where you go. Yes, you probably already have your set planned out, but this gives you the opportunity to improvise or be prepared for that lone patron asking for a song you did not anticipate. 
  2. Searching through your collection should be much easier, which prevents you from taking your eyes off the crowd for too long.
  3. You have access to all the new or obscure digital artists that may have self-produced music that could provide you with the right sound that another DJ might not have. Most of these digital artists do not have the money or the connections to record their music over vinyl or CD, so their music may only be available in digital form. 

You can talk to your DJ equipment specialist about going digital, as he or she may have other suggestions that could prove helpful to you.

Opting For Old School Vinyl

You also have the option of going old school and sticking with vinyl, which does have some advantages that you should also consider, like the following:

  1. BPM's (beats per minute) fluctuate with vinyl depending on the turntable that you are using and the wear or tear of the vinyl, giving your mix a rich and interesting sound. This will also train your ear to hear subtle sound changes, which should help you become a better DJ with time. 
  2. You should know that not every piece of music out there has been transferred to a digital form, making it possible for you to find a record that will truly be unique to your music library. You can find records in garage sales or auction sites selling rare collectibles. 
  3. The scratch feature does come in digital form, but some DJs will always feel the music and scratch effect better when done on vinyl; plus scratching does help improve your mix-cuing skills. 

You can talk to your DJ equipment specialist, such as Metro Sound & Lighting, about other pros and cons regarding vinyl or digital DJing. But hopefully this guide helped you understand the differences a little better.