Improving Efficiency On The Job Site

5 August 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

The rise of new construction may look optimistic, but the rising cost of labor can damper that feeling. According to statistics, rising labor costs are expected to slim down profits made in the construction industry. When working on the job site, you want to make sure you have plenty of labor to get the job done effectively, safely, and on time. With the rising costs of labor, this can feed into your profits. How else do you improve the efficiency on the job site without adding more costs to the job? Here are some tips to help you overcome this obstacle.

Combine Your Equipment

Do you really need all that heavy equipment? One way to increase the efficiency on a job site is to evaluate what each piece of equipment does. If you have several pieces of equipment that can only do one job, you may want to get rid of them and purchase equipment that can perform multiple tasks. This means less equipment to maintain and more efficiency with what you have. 

Speed Things Up

Time is money and you want to be sure that the job is getting done in a timely manner. Utilizing technology is a great way to speed up many processes. This allows clients to retrieve documents even while on the job site. You don't have to wait for your client to get back to the office to approve construction plans. Many mobile applications allow you to pull up files wherever you are. By taking advantage of mobile tools, you can get much of the work done while on-site rather than waiting until you get back to the office. 

Less Outsourcing

Just like you did with your equipment, you also want to make sure you are doing this with your labor as well. You want to make sure you are hiring people who can do more than one job. This allows you to keep a lot of the work in-house so you are not paying a third party to do the work. When you can control the processes on site, it helps makes it more efficient. Some of the jobs you want to ensure your employees can do include excavating, welding, and other construction jobs that you would normally outsource. When a job is not needing to be performed at the moment, your crew is able to take on more work on the job site instead of standing around and waiting. 

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