Tips For Hiding A Camera In Your Home

8 May 2015
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If you're anything like most homeowners, keeping your home safe is likely your number one priority. One way to help you accomplish this goal is to install a video surveillance system. With this technology, you can keep an eye on your home when you're there and even when you're away. When it comes to getting the most out of these systems, where you place the cameras is very important. Learning some helpful camera placement tips will help you get the most out of your surveillance system.

Be Inconspicuous in Obvious Locations

Some of the most common camera placement locations are probably the front and back door of a home. While camera coverage in these areas is vital, make certain you are being inconspicuous with your camera placement. If an intruder knows exactly where your camera is, they might either try to destroy it or move around the camera, as to go undetected.

The simplest way to combat this issue is to ensure the camera is hidden. You might also want to consider using a decoy camera. For example, you might have a fake camera positioned right above the back door of your home, but have another camera hidden nearby that is also focusing on the area. An intruder might think that by destroying this camera they are wiping away any evidence, but the real camera is undisturbed and still recording.

Think Outside the Box

Particularly when it comes to the interior spaces of your home, don't hesitate to think outside the box when it comes to camera placement. This is especially true if you want the system to monitor the activities of someone in your home, such as a maintenance professional or a nanny. In this case, you want to hide your camera in an unconventional spot that would likely go undetected.

Take a nanny for example; hiding a camera in the closet of your child's bedroom is one option and if you really want to go high-tech, you can purchase a fixture with a camera preinstalled, such as a teddy bear or a clock. Thinking outside the box affords you the opportunity to get a full glimpse of the individual within your home without the risk of them discovering the camera.

Make certain you are taking the time to find the best locations for the cameras you have installed in your home. The more effort you put into installing the cameras in the right spot, the greater the level of security you can provide for your home. Contact Murrell Burglar Alarms for more information.