Things You Should Ask Before Renting A Dumpster

23 February 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

There are many benefits to having a recycling program at your workplace, but there are times when having a dumpster can be beneficial to your company as well. Before you are ready to rent a dumpster (from an outlet such as Bay Disposal Inc.) for your company, you need to ask yourself a few questions. This will help you decide if renting the dumpster is the best move for your company. From fees associated with the container to how it will be emptied are all relevant to having the dumpster onsite. 

What Can You Put in the Dumpster?

So you think bringing a dumpster to your site will help alleviate the garbage you have. Before you start throwing everything into the dumpster, you need to make sure there are no restrictions to what you're throwing away. From metal to sheet rock to cardboard are all common items that can be disposed of by manufacturing companies. You have to be careful that no electronics, chemicals, paint, and asbestos are placed in the dumpster. This means items that contain coatings and computers are prohibited from being thrown in dumpsters. If not careful, you could face a hefty fine for improper disposal of these items. 

What are the Fees Involved?

Generally, there are several fees you can encounter by having a dumpster on your property. Not only are you paying to rent the dumpster, but you may have an emptying fee you are required to pay. If the container includes a large amount of waste, you could be charged a fee. Some companies charge fees if the dumpster weighs more than 1 ton. Another fee you could be hit with includes a fuel surcharge. Some companies will add 15 to 20% to your bill to cover the rising fuel costs. 

Do you Need a Permit?

Some municipalities require companies to obtain a permit in order for them to have a dumpster on their site. It is important that you gather the right licenses and permits so that you aren't hit with a fine. Typically, you can speak with someone at city hall to discuss what permits are needed to have dumpster on your location. A lot will depend on if you plan to put the rental on public or private property. 

How Often is the Dumpster Emptied?

When it comes to keeping your property free from trash and debris, you want to make sure you know how often the dumpster is emptied. This will help you decide if your company will require more than one container. It will also help you organize how often you dispose of items so you don't overfill your dumpster.