More Patient Care & More Effectiveness: The Advantages of Pneumatic Tube Delivery Systems

21 November 2014
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

With an increased focus on the importance of health care becoming more and more prevalent in American society, medical offices are forced to seek out new and innovative ways to expand the quality of their patient care. This involves not only finding new treatments, but also making an office work more efficiently and bringing information to patients as quickly as possible.

The transportation of medical samples and information around a medical facility is a challenge that has faced hospitals and doctors' offices for years. Keeping your patients' information protected but also quickly processed is difficult. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the advantages of using a pneumatic tube delivery system for your medical campus, and some suggestions that will help you offer treatment more quickly and accurately.

Privacy and Accountability

Whether you are transporting large volumes of paperwork or medical samples, your patients are likely to have concerns about their medical privacy. The chain of possession for these sensitive materials can often be long and convoluted, and you have a responsibility as a physician to make sure your patients' interests are protected.

Pneumatic tube systems allow you to shorten that chain of custody by providing opportunities for direct delivery with little delays. In some cases, unique barcodes can be used in combination with your tube system and office software, guaranteeing stable and automatic documentation that will allow you to relieve any concerns your patients may have.

Physical Security

Some medical samples can be extremely delicate and susceptible to damage. Shipping samples around your office or even carrying them from place to place can cause jostling and damage, and can even cause some important parcels to be misplaced entirely. This creates inconvenience for your patients and even a level of distrust.

Your pneumatic tube system will allow for gentle travel for your samples while guaranteeing they remain protected in solid, shielded containers. This will cut down on your sample loss as well as prevent clients from being inconvenienced by having to undergo the same tests over and over.

Speed and Efficiency

During times of stress about a medical condition, one of the hardest things you can do is ask a patient to wait. Manual delivery of samples and paperwork can be slow and cumbersome and can create unnecessary delays that lead to increased frustrations. Your pneumatic tube system avoids all these concerns, and can even allow for rapid travel across a large campus, guaranteeing that you can provide the best care to your patients as quickly as possible. Talk to companies like TH Hammerl Inc. for more information.