Protect And Enhance The Metal On Your Vehicle With Powder Coating

14 November 2014
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

With powder coating, a protective and decorative finish will be added to the metal pieces on your car. If you are restoring your vehicle on your own, you can learn how to add powder coating in order to give your car a fresh appearance. After the metal is covered, you won't have to worry about corrosion and the pieces will remain intact. Follow the steps below to learn the basics of powder coating.

Prepare The Metal Pieces

Disassemble the metal objects that you will be powder coating. Remove any hardware that you do not want coated. Pour a chemical solvent onto a dry cloth and wipe the surface of each metal object. This cleaner will remove dirt, grease, and paint from the surface of each piece of metal. Lightly sand the metal if portions are rusted. Do this until the rust is no longer visible and the surface feels smooth. Wipe away any dust particles that have been left behind.

Apply Powder With A Powder Coating Gun

Use a powder coating gun that is designed for beginners. This type of gun is inexpensive and does not require any additional equipment to operate. Add thermoset polymer powder to the receptacle that attaches to the gun. Read the instructions that are enclosed with the particular model that you have purchased to ensure that everything is set up the proper way.

Place the metal objects on a protected surface. Plug in the powder coating gun and aim the tip at the first metal item that you will be covering. Press the trigger, releasing the powder coating material. Apply an even layer of the powder coating to the metal surface. Continue doing this with each metal object that you are covering. 

Heat The Items

Small metal items can be baked in a conventional oven that you no longer use for cooking. If you do this, it is crucial that you use it for nothing other than to melt the powder coating. Place the items in a oven safe container and bake them for several minutes at the specified temperature.

This will vary depending upon the size of the metal, so be sure to research this before beginning the heating process. The heat will melt the coating until it forms a smooth, even surface. Once you remove the items from the oven, allow them to cool completely.

If you would rather use an infrared heat lamp, follow the manufacturer's instructions closely. This type of lamp heats up quicker than an oven. It can cause serious injury if pointed towards a flammable object or placed too closely to the items that are being covered with a powdered coating. A special tray can be purchased to be used along with the lamp. The tray will hold the items during the heating process. Once the items have cooled down, they can be placed back on your vehicle.

Once you practice powder coating steps with your new equipment, you will find that it is a rewarding process. The coated items will stand out and remain in great shape for a longer length of time than they would if untreated. As long as you are cautious during the steps that need to be taken, you will avoid accidents and will wind up with the results that you desire.